Meet the Athletes

Athlete Bio

   Taevonna (Tae) Caterina                       

   Instagram: taebfit

   Class: Pro Wellness Competitor                

   Pics: Apr 2022 OCB Pine Tree State

   Words I Live By: "You will never be what you want to be if you live by excuses"


  • 4th place at OCB Battle of the Gods 
  • 3rd & 4th place at OCB Hall of Fame
  • Won her OCB Wellness Pro Card at the OCB Pinetree State
  • 5th Place at OCB Spirit of America

Fitness Brand Partnership: I am excited to be apart of Gym & Guice and see how far we can go and what we can achieve together. 



    Amber Sutton                          

    Instagram: icanfitme19

    Class: Female Physique.          

    Pics: 2022 Kuclo Classic

      Fitness Mantra: "With hard work anything is possible"


    • 1st place OCB Woman's physique open
    • 1st place OCB Masters
    • 1st place OCB Woman's Physique Pro
    • 2nd place Masters 2022 Kuclo Classic
    • 3rd place Open 2022 Kuclo Classic

    Fitness Transformation: Follow her Fitness Journey of over 100 pound weight loss on her instagram page.